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Dan Virgillito

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The Coolest Vintage Radio Ever

In the event that you were a radio geek in the 1940s, this was your fantasy set. Worked by Kluge Electronics in Los Angeles, the "California Kilowatt" couldn't just send and get messages, yet it accompanied every one of the fancy...

Metal Detecting Help For Newbies

A large number of you who are new to W&ET would love to try metal recognizing out, however may waver for an assortment of reasons: money related contemplations, perplexity about the numerous finder decisions and choices accessible, a...

A blast from the past- Waterloo arcade

WATERLOO — There's an entryway in Waterloo that will take you back in time. Advance through it, go down the stairs, and — in case you're an offspring of the 1970s or '80s — you'll end up back in the arcades of your childhood. In the...

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